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squiZ's Blog - Sheth joins Liquid
Kategorie Starcraft 2, Verfasst am 29.07.2011 um 10:13 Uhr

I'm incredibly excited to welcome top American Zerg Sheth to our team. It has been quite a while since we added a player to Liquid. This makes it all the better now that we have found a worthy member to join up with the talented players that have been representing us.

This past year we have been looking for top players that represent themselves in a way that aligns with our team vision. With Sheth we feel like we have found what we have been looking for. A players ability is an important factor to look for when recruiting players. However, for Team Liquid, skill is just one of the factors we consider when looking for new members. In the past few years Sheth has shown to have skill, respect, integrity and passion. This is why I believe he is a perfect match for our team.

Sheth beat SanZenith in his first GSL appearance, went 7-2 in NASL, recently placed third in the Shoutcraft invitational, beating the likes of SaSe and Morrow, and is a consistent face in the MLG pool stage. The potential of his Zerg is clear to all of those who have been following him. He streams, he interacts with his fans, and all things considered, he is perfect for Team Liquid.

As always thanks to our sponsors TLAF and Razer for making this all possible.

Welcome Shawn!

Der absolute Hammer! Es war klar das Mr.Manner nicht lange nach nem Team suchen muss aber das dann so ein Brocken kommt :-D! Endlich mal noch n guter Spieler außer HUK :-P!

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# 1 - 05.08.2011 um 03:07 Uhr

Der sieht schon voll alt aus!?

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